Glass Cremation Jewelry - A uniquely beautiful way to remember your beloved pet.


Glass Cremation Jewelry - A uniquely beautiful way to remember your beloved pet.


It's so hard to lose an animal companion. We want to honor their memory and preserve their physical remains in a respectful way.  I think hand blown glass cremation jewelry is the perfect way to preserve your pet's ashes forever. The ashes are encased in molten glass and sealed inside a memorial pendant, forever capturing their energy in a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry.



How will you treat my pet's ashes?


When you commission me to make your cremation jewelry, I promise that I'll treat the ashes of your pet with the same care and respect I'd have for my own. Each container of ashes will be carefully handled and labeled and kept in careful consideration for their remains. Once finished, each piece will be painstakingly wrapped and protected for its journey home to you. 



How do the ashes look inside glass?


Once mixed into the clear molten glass, the ashes appear as small white flecks. You'll notice that in each cremation pendant, the ashes are surrounded by many small bubbles. These bubbles are created by a chemical reaction between the glass and ashes. The size and patterns of the bubbles can't be controlled but happen organically as the glass and ashes mix and fuse together in different ways. Occasionally I even work with cremains that create no bubbles, so the white ash is seen even more clearly.



How much ash does it take to make a pendant?


It doesn't take much ash to create a cremation pendant or marble. About 1/4 teaspoon is plenty for each piece you'd like to have made. I generally need to use even less than this and will return any unused portion to you along with the finished pieces.



How to order


To place your glass cremation jewelry order, just add to your cart the individual pendants or marbles that you want and checkout as usual. When I receive your order, I'll mail you a kit with everything you'll need to safely get your pet's ashes to me. In the kit will be clear instructions about how to prepare the ashes along with a small container and return postage. Everything is included and there are no additional costs for postage or processing.


Once I receive the ashes, it will take about 2-4 weeks for me to make your pendants.  I personally make each piece in my glass blowing studio. I need to allow plenty of time to work because I really like to be in the right mood and take my time with these very special pieces.


If you have any questions before you place your order please feel free to contact me. I look forward to creating a beautiful pet memorial pendant with you.


Size is approximately 3/4" - 1" in diameter

Pendant comes with free black satin cord


Made of Borosilicate Glass