Week 8 : Horizon

This week's theme of Horizon took me to a cartoony, fantasy realm with a landbridge, Asian inspired temples, and a terrific sunset. I particularly like how the sky turned out, and the glow on the underside of the landbridge. I added touches of warmth here and there to capture the last hint of sunlight. I am also happy with the lost and found effect on the stairs. Placing the grasses in front of it really set the stairs back into the scene and anchored them as well. Obligatory seagulls scattered in the clouds help me feel the breeze coming off the water.

I did this one on my student grade Canson XL watercolor paper, and while better than the journal I have been using, it is not a cotton paper. It tears easily when being scrubbed and roughly worked and it does not hold pigment well, allowing it to lift off when I don't wish it to. I have finally decided to bring out my Arches all cotton French made watercolor paper. It is held to be one of the best watercolor papers, so I am excited to see how it behaves for me!


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