Kitten : day 22 of 30. Painting 8

Continuing on with my challenge... I have painted a whopping 8 pictures. I was supposed to have gotten to 22 pictures by now. Still, I am not beating myself up. I do what I can. As a casual painter, I'm happy when I have time to, or take time to put pigment to paper! 

That being said, I struggled to finish this kitten. I worked on and off for a few days. Mostly, I struggled with the poor paper in this journal. I love the look of the journal, with its deckled edged pages and overall handmade look, but the paper doesn't seem to have much sizing in it. The sizing keeps the water from soaking in, and well, that's exactly what happens. I have a terrible time working wet on wet, because the paper soaked all of the water off of my brushes. So this cute and sassy kitten is much more painterly than I had intended. He has no soft edges and no feeling of fluffy attitude. Still, it's not a loss. Pretend he is bundled up in a blanket, as that was my intention as well. *sigh* 



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