Ink and wash farmhouse- Day 26 of 30, painting 9

I have been having some trouble with my journal paper. It has little sizing in the paper and it is a rather loose weave which causes it to be a bit too absorbent for my liking. It makes it difficult to do certain juicy, watery techniques. Additionally, if worked even marginally wet, it will let the colors bleed through to the back side of the page. In an effort to salvage the backs of my pages, I applied a thin wash of white gesso. It covered the stains nicely! It leaves the pages a bit scratchy to feel, but not unbearably so. I tested a small portion and found that I could still use watercolors on the gessoed pages. It does not absorb into the paper at all, so with that in mind, I thought I would give an ink and wash painting a go. Another lesson learned tonight was that while a Sakura Micron pen ink is usually indelible, when placed over gesso, it was not entirely waterproof! In fact, the entire top layer(?) of ink washed across my page on the first pass of my wet brush.  What was left behind was a slightly lighter ink line. The washed ink tended to leave an interesting smoky effect (which has potential!), and it also lifted off the paper well.

This was quickly sketched up and painted while at my weekly painting group. I really enjoyed painting it, and intend to do more pen and wash paintings soon!


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